Cherry Voss
Melodic style trill coupled with intricate wordplay are attributes that aptly describe the enigma that is Cherry Voss. She is a leader in the new school of contemporary artists and She is constantly pushing the envelope and reinventing herself and her sound. Cherry Voss a multi-talented Vocalist and Rapper born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She then spent 7 years in Atlanta and has honed her crafts. She is an artist that epitomizes the essence of the modern era and she is making music that is thoughtful, conscious and driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort and spread love and joy to all those that hear it. Born Cheyenne, Cherry Voss grew up as a musically inclined child she would often record herself rapping on her mom’s tapes. And has a family that deeply delved into music professionally. As a musician, she has had a vast array of musical influences however she accredits the pivotal influences in her music to Tupac, Lauryn Hill, NAS, Roxanne Shante, EVE, and Biggie. Her sisters often played Sade, Kevin Campbell, TLC, and Mary J. B and her mom would play the temptations, stylistics, Delfonics as well as soft rock/pop-rock on wish 99.7. This varied spectrum of influence has led to the development of Cherry Voss the embodiment of originality and she uses her musical acumen and ideas to create an amalgamated and original sound that has nuances of East-coast and BoomBap. This all culminates in Cherry Voss producing a musical experience that is enjoyable, easy-going, and fun but still seeks to provoke thought in a contemporary way. Cherry Voss also uses her music as a vehicle to express her feelings, perspectives and tell stories. Authenticity is the very ethos that encapsulates her music. Because of this she ultimately developed a style of songwriting that is transparent, daring, and full of hope, and reflective of her experiences, thought, and ambitions. Turning pain into purpose and lessons into studio sessions. She is inspired by women rising above challenges particularly those who have paved the way in the rap industry and as s a mother of 3 she is inspired and driven to be a better person by her 2 sons & daughter. Her overarching ambition is to touch lives as well as to enlighten and elevate her listeners in a meaningful way. She also has the desire to one day travel and teach children about credit and businesses, particularly in Africa. Her bars are cold and knit together by emotive and expressive punchlines. Her effortless intonations are accentuated by a skillfully resonated and power-packed voice. She possesses a modern-day hip-hop aura and delivers her rhymes in a cadence that crescendos with spellbinding emotive undertones. She also sometimes expresses herself through Conscious & alternative rap. It is clear that Cherry Voss is on her way to becoming a worldwide phenomenon and a musician that will continuously change the status quo of the industry Cherry Voss currently has 4 projects in her repertoire namely, “Who I am”, “Love wins”, “All I know”, and “Elsa” which showcase her lyricism and smooth vocals in a uniquely constructed piece of musical artistry. Cherry Voss will be releasing her latest project Deja Bluu which is an old-school style Hip Hop mixtape re-imagined in the new wave. Deja Bluu is a play on words in reference to her name. Voss is a top-of-the-line water and Deja Blue is a bottled water brand. She will be dropping the lead single “landscapes” that features a native Pittsburgh artist. “Landscapes” is a summer song. It’s a fun song meant for the outdoors, to play at a cookout, on a road trip, at the club for last rounds, or chilling with bae. She wants to tell stories that everyone can relate to and keep inspiring people and women everywhere to never give up on their dreams. Her music exhibits not only her versatility and vocal prowess but has surely cemented her style and paved the way for the varied expressions of her musical ideas and artistic craft. She has held shows in Detroit, Atlanta, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Ohio, West Virginia. She also recorded with the Lil NAS X producer who made the original old town road. There is no doubt that in the near future Cherry Voss will light up arenas and auditoriums and grace the greatest stages the world has to offer and bring beauty and power into her performances. This is the music that will push the boundaries of our perception as well as inspire and drive us to introspective conversations. Cherry Voss is the answer to the question that rap music hasn’t asked yet and the missing piece to its never-ending puzzle.
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